FAQS - Growth System
accurate and effective

Imagine more height, bigger size in a few months with effective and proven results, without side effects.


They are a highly effective food supplement. It does not require a prescription because it is 100% natural and without side effects. Designed to naturally encourage growth in people who are growing and in people who have stopped growing. It is a product without equal on the market. Differentiating itself from any other similar product on the market. It has a multi-ingredient content. Grow Taller System gives you the stature you want. You grow quickly, safely and effectively.

Most of our clients start seeing results from the 6th week of use, some from the 5th week of use. That is why the Grow Taller System is said to have a “fast visible effect”. This system is strongly endorsed by health professionals and that is why it has been ranked # 1 in its category in specialized reports. Once you start taking the Grow Taller System, the results come quickly and you can enjoy its benefits permanently and without any diet.

Although we have not observed any contraindications while consuming the Grow Taller System with any other medicine, as it is natural and proven. We suggest that you consult a specialist before taking any medication in conjunction with the Grow Taller System. Please follow your doctor's instructions.

Grow Taller System will offer you multiple benefits by enjoying greater stature:

  • Real growth 8 to 10 cm.
  • Permanent growth.
  • Growth naturally.
  • Increased self-esteem.
  • Greater security.
  • Greater physical presence.
  • For some Greater elegance.
  • Greater attraction to the opposite sex.

Your email address and contact information will never be sold, in compliance with the information protection law (Data Protection Act of 1988). Your credit card information is NOT archived. We use a WESTER UNION payment system in the case of payments from abroad as it is the most used and secure system in worldwide purchase transactions, in the case of Peru the account of the main banks BANCO DE CREDITO or BANCO DE LA NACIÓN which It is a Nationally recognized company. for being the most used and secure system in transactions in purchases at the National level.

It is of utmost importance that the package arrives in perfect condition and in the best conditions, for this we take care of packing it very well according to the destination. All our shipping is in discreet packages without letters or logos that indicate content, we try by all means that arrives at the agreed time.

The Grow Taller System is approved by herbal doctors and doctors. Our pills contain 100% natural ingredients of the highest quality. Made in the USA in our facilities that have GMP approval (recognition granted to companies that manufacture products of natural origin). Our containers are double sealed to ensure the quality and authenticity of the content.

The pills should be taken 2 times a day. One in the morning and one in the afternoon or both together after breakfast. "Every pill should be taken after meals." Whenever possible, it is important to maintain the daily routine regarding schedules. If you can not it does not matter, but it is preferable to try.

The complete treatment consists of 3 months. The results begin to be seen from the 6th week of treatment. Once you have reached the desired height, you can stop taking the Grow Taller System.

It is not necessary. But if you or your doctor have decided to follow any nutritional complex treatment, you can take it in conjunction with the Grow Taller System.

  • In fact, the effect diminishes after 34 years of age.
  • In fact, the effect diminishes after 33 years of age. If you are 34 or older, we recommend that you have no illusions.
  • There are two stages ..
  • From 12 years old to 23 years old
  • Your increase is 8 to 10 cm more
  • And from 24 to 32 years old
  • Your aumemnti is 5 to 7 cm more


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